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Outcome Measurement System (OMS) Report

The purpose of the Outcome Measurement System (OMS) is to help Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) evaluate their programs in order to increase the quality of services provided to children and families and to improve the collaborative efforts of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) members.  OMS was first developed in Texas and the National Children’s Alliance adopted the system in 2012 to expand to other states.  North Dakota was one of the first states to participate in OMS once it was made available nationally.  

OMS allows Children’s Advocacy Centers to report on two measurable outcomes:

  1. The CAC facilitates healing for the child and the caregivers.
  2. The MDT approach results in more collaborative and efficient case investigations.

Two caregiver surveys are utilized to measure the first outcome and one MDT survey is utilized to measure the second outcome.  Caregivers are asked to complete an initial survey at the end of their first visit to the CAC and then, caregivers are asked to complete a follow-up survey approximately two months later to provide feedback on their experiences with the CAC during that time.