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"Our son was able to easily relate to Valerie and share his concerns with her. He even enjoyed coming. He also learned a lot about appropriate behaviors for himself and in other people. Most importantly, he gained his self-confidence back." 

"The center and its staff have been very helpful to my family, especially my daughter. We are grateful for everything they have done for us."

"Words cannot say how the center has helped our family from beginning to end. They were our rock that we needed to lean on during this time. They knew what to say at the right time, they educated us in a way we understood, and most importantly, after a tough time with tantrums and anxiety attacks, our child is back to himself. The feeling in the end was left with that the door is still open not shut." 

"I am a teenager that has been through the CAC. The staff have been a big help for me. I was comfortable talking in the interview and felt like they are there for me whenever I need them. They know how to make me feel that I am going to be ok."

"I thought you guys were very polite and informative. I felt comfortable being there, had my questions answered, and felt that you are looking for the best interest of my child." 

"My husband and I were thankful you were there for us at court. This is how I know your agency is so important because you were there for us in the beginning (interview, medical exams), for the boys (therapy), and then still for us now (court - one year later). I thought I was ok and then I had to relive it again (in court). You really stood by us and the kids. I am really thankful you were there for me, and my husband, and for the kids. You helped my stay clam and I was able to take the stand. Thank you."

"Our son was able to easily relate to the therapist and share his concerns with her. He even enjoyed coming. He also learned a lot about appropriate behaviors from himself and in other people. Most importantly, he gained his self-confidence back."

"Counseling has helped me so much; helped me with my stress, helped me feel better. I feel safe when I come here." 

"Thanks for the tough job you do. You all do it well. I wish you didn't have a job to do but I am comforted by the fact you exist and you all are there to help families during a crisis." 
Spirit Lake Victim Assistance

"The CAC has been extremely beneficial to our area. The families have been made to feel very comfortable and put at ease in the CAC." 
Turtle Mountain Child Welfare worker

"This is one of the best programs to come along I've seen for 38 years of Law Enforcement."
ND Bureau of Criminal Investigations agent

"It is apparent that your staff are very dedicated and are aware how traumatic it is for families and children to disclose. Good insight and direction. Glad you are available to our community and agency." 
Burleigh County social worker

"I believe that without the CAC, it would be very hard to help these victims. The CAC provides a great service." 
Burleigh County Sheriff's Department Investigator

"I utilize CAC because I know that they are trained professionals with the skills needed in order to conduct the interviews of victims who may have been sexually abused." 
Spirit Lake Tribal Social Worker

"The Children's Advocacy Center is the leads in our region for comprehensive care of maltreated and traumatized children. The staff have been essential in our stat-wide Treatment Collaborative for Traumatized Youth initiative, and are not only experts in the mental health needs of these children but passionate about their services. We are all fortunate the CAC is here is doing their good work." 
Director of Clinical Research, Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Fargo

"The CAC provides rural counties with critical services in protecting our children from sexual abuse. Almost without exception, the forensic interviews done by the CAC are the best and most reliable evidence a prosecutor presents to a jury in a child sex case." 
McLean County States Attorney

"The expertise of the Children's Advocacy Center's staff in the field of medical exams and forensic interviewing techniques greatly benefits the FBI's child abuse investigations. I can't say enough about the Children's Advocacy Center and the commitment shown to child victims and their families." 
Victim Specialist, FBI

"The Advocacy Center provides gentle, sensitive, professional care for our most vulnerable and terrified victims. Bringing justice and safety back to young people's lives is of immeasurable value." 
Director, Burleigh County Social Services

"I have followed the accomplishments of the Children's Advocacy Center as long as the organization has been in existence. The progress in advancing the interests and protection of victimized children is unparalleled."

Morton County State's Attorney