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Interagency Agreement

As part of our national accreditation, each Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) must have a written interagency agreement or memorandum of understanding signed by an authorized representative of each multidisciplinary team (MDT) member or partner agency. These agreements formalize interagency cooperation and the commitment to MDT/CAC practice and policy ensuring continuity of practice even when personnel, heads of departments, and elected officials change.  It is important that these documents be developed with input from the full MDT, reviewed annually and updated as needed to reflect current practice and current agency leadership. 


A multidisciplinary team consists of professionals from county social services (CPS), law enforcement, prosecution, victim advocacy, medical, mental health, and the CAC.  


To streamline the process of updating this document and getting it signed by necessary partners, we have created a single statewide Interagency Agreement that is valid for all three of the CACs serving in North Dakota. Having one statewide agreement creates a unified protocol across the state and requires only one signature for each MDT member while providing access to all three CACs.


1.      Review the Interagency Agreement


Please take a moment to read through the attached North Dakota Interagency Agreement. You can download the document here. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact one of the CAC directors or Ashley Steckler, the State Chapter Director, at


2.      Sign the Interagency Agreement


Once all your questions have been answered and your comments addressed, please sign the agreement. There are two options for signing the North Dakota Interagency Agreement:

a.      Electronic Signature – Please fill out the short form below to verify and submit your electronic signature.

b.      Hand Signature – If you would rather submit a hand signature, simply print the signature page of the attached document and fill out and sign the document. You can either scan and email the form to or mail the hard copy to us at the address below.



ATTN: Interagency Agreement

200 E. Main Street #301

Bismarck, ND 58502


Thank you again for your time.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Electronic Signature Form