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CAC Accessibility Toolkit

The CAC Accessibility Toolkit was created by the Children’s Advocacy Center of North Dakota, working with a coalition of professionals from around the nation, to help multidisciplinary professionals better serve children with disabilities who have been abused.

Statistics clearly indicate that children with disabilities are at a far greater risk of being abused than children without disabilities, but very few of these cases are reported and even fewer get the attention and services they require. Some times this is because the abuse is unknown, but often it is because professionals do not know how to investigate or treat a child abuse case when the victim has a disability.

This website brings together a number of resources to aid professionals in serving children with various disabilities who are alleged victims of abuse. The resources presented here have come from numerous sources and are included or referenced in order to provide easy and quick access.

CALiO - Child Abuse Library Online

CALiO provides resources selected with the intent of enhancing your access to information on child abuse and neglect, professional practice, and advancement of our organization. Resources are selected that are considered to be of particular benefit to professionals working in areas of child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment. There is an array of resources, including:
- Catalog of the NCAC Research Library
- Databases
- Journals
- E-Publications
- Reference
- Statistics
- Professional Bibliographies
- Best Practices

Team members should contact the chapter office or their local CAC for the password.


Assessing Children's Statements for Investigative and Court Purposes

The outcome of a child sexual abuse case often turns on the scrutiny of a child's statement or statements. Investigators, prosecutors and other child protection professionals are often asked to articulate reasons for substantiating a case of sexual abuse or filing charges. At trial, prosecutors must often cross-examine defense experts who critique a child's statement. This article from the April 2009 issue of CenterPiece assists child protection professionals in articulating factors supporting the credibility of a child's statement.

ND SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification)

The ND SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification) system will interface and gather information. As a result of this information sharing process, victims will be allowed to register to receive important offender status notification information such as release, transfer etc. ND SAVIN will also assist with Protection Order notification and Sex Offender notification.

Picture This: Photographing a Child Sexual Abuse Crime Scene

An important aspect of investigating cases of child abuse is the taking of crime scene photos. Although we are often diligent in taking these photos in cases of physical abuse and neglect, we sometimes overlook how important the photos can be in cases of child sexual abuse. In the March 2009 issue of CenterPiece, we offer some practical tips for taking crime scene photos in cases of child sexual abuse and for using these photos at trial.

The Investigative Windows of Opportunity

The Vital Link to Corroboration in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
by Detective Mike Johnson