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Training and Resources


The Children's Advocacy Centers of North Dakota is committed to providing relevant and affordable training opportunities and technical assistance, or access to such training, for Children's Advocacy Center staff and Multidisciplinary Team members.


CACND also provides resources for children, their families, professionals, and community members. For further assistance, please contact us.

Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children

  • Excessive Masturbating
  • Wetting/Soiling
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Nightmares
  • Unexplained fears
  • Regression in developmental milestones
  • Learning Problems
  • Explicit knowledge of sexual acts
  • Excessive curiosity about sex
  • Precocious sex play
  • Seductiveness
  • Overly compulsive behavior
  • Clinging/whining to a particular parent

For Families/Children with Special Needs


Building a Better Model to Serve Child Victims with Disabilities:
The CAC Accessibility Toolkit was created by the Children’s Advocacy Center of North Dakota, working with a coalition of professionals from around the nation, to help multidisciplinary professionals better serve children with disabilities who have been abused.

Special Education Guide: 

Parents and educators know that children with special needs have gifts and talents—it’s just a matter of unleashing their full potential, and making sure that their parents and teachers have the right information, tools and support to help them. That’s where Special Education Guide comes in. We are your go-to resource for mastering the terminology, procedures and best practices in special education.